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Cascia Hall Senior Skit

During my senior year, I was one of two founders of the Cascia Hall Film Club and I got the opportunity to do a fun/humorous senior skit that was shown at the last school assembly for the entire school and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I received lots of good feedback for this video and the teachers got a good kick out of it. 

Cascia Hall Homecoming 2017

This is another video I made for Cascia Hall while in Film Club to promote their homecoming game. The video was posted on the school's social media and email newsletter. 

Paintball Land Promo

This is a promotional video I made for a paintball course in Tulsa, OK. They had recently just opened and had nothing to promote their course, so I did this video for free for them. 

Real Estate Promo

Went I got my first drone, I was looking for things I could do with it. Real estate marketing seemed to be a good fit with a drone. Also, I did a video walkthrough of the house. My goal was to find new ways to promote real estate other than boring street view photos and the realtors I worked with liked having me around. 

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